Thank you for your interest in submitting to Scripting Change!

Submission Deadline:

October 2, 2015 

When you are ready to submit (AFTER reading section regarding publishing rights), please include:
  • Pieces to be considered
    • With titles and appropriately formatted
    • Inline text, MS Word, or RTF files only please
  • Author name as you would like it to be presented
  • Link to your website, if desired
    • This will be included both in the book and on the contributors page. 
  •  Mini bio, if desired
    • Up to 50 words (not including relevant links or your name)
    • To be included on the contributors page only
    • One appropriate image may be included
      • All content will be screened and posted only at our discretion. 
  • Email your submission to Scripting.Change AT gmail DOT com



Writers of all backgrounds (novice to professional) are encouraged to submit their work to this project, as everyone's support is appreciated!

Please read the following guidelines carefully.  We want to include your work – please make this possible by adhering to these few guidelines.

Exceptional works will be considered on a case-by-case basis!

Types of Submissions:

  • All types (verse, blank verse, modern, etc.) of poetry will be considered, except epic poems (see next point).
  • Please keep each poem to a maximum of 4 typed pages.
  • Everything from flash fiction to short stories is welcome.
  • Please keep your fiction submissions within a ~2500 word limit.


The cause featured in this year's project is the strength required to escape and recover from domestic violence.  A recipient nonprofit that supports this cause will be announced soon.  The theme for this book is: Survive, Recover, RebuildSubmitted works should strive to be related to this theme.

Writers are welcome to submit up to 3 pieces per project, though an absolute maximum of 2 will be selected per author.  Selection will be based on:
  • Content
    • Inappropriate or offensive content will not be published.  Please use your best judgment when submitting works, keeping in mind the goal of a broad audience.
    • Works which match the posted theme will be preferred.
  • Quality
    • The goal is to provide a quality product that will reach many readers, which will ultimately translate into more funds raised.  Works will be selected accordingly.
  Scripting Change will be the final arbiter of which works will be included in the completed book.

Publishing Rights:

By submitting your work, you assert that you own the necessary publishing rights and that you grant Scripting Change the one-time right to publish your work in the project to which you are submitting.
  • If you would like to submit a previously published work, please verify that you have retained the necessary rights.  If you aren't sure, please submit something else!
  • Please keep in mind that many magazines, etc., require first publication rights, which means that if your work is published in this project, it may not meet eligibility requirements for submission elsewhere.