2015 Contributors

Faletti, DanaDana Faletti is the author of Beautiful Secret, a women's fiction romance that will be released by Pandamoon Publishing in 2016. Her paranormal romance series, The Whisper Trilogy, is available on Amazon as well. Dana lives in Pittsburgh, with her husband, three young daughters, a Teddy Bear dog called Dolce, and a hypo-allergenic Siberian Forest Cat named Fluffy G.

Jackson, Aaron Aaron Middlepoet Jackson is a poet and writer. His poems have appeared in multiple publications and anthologies. He is the 2005-2006 Poet Laureate of Jersey City, NJ and has twice been the recipient of grants from the Puffin Foundation. Currently he is the Director of Visual Merchandising for the Strand Book Store.

LeBlanc, Alison — Alison LeBlanc is a Grant Writer in Boston, Massachusetts. She is passionate about combatting healthcare disparities and researching social determinants of health. In addition to her work in the healthcare industry, Alison is a poet, nonfiction writer, and fiction writer.

McDonnell, Celena — Celena is a single mom and a nursing assistant from Endicott, NY and is pursuing her BA in English.  She enjoys reading and writing — mostly searching for and creating —works of art. Art formed by beautiful words and the powerful images they inspire. She believes there can be beauty in everyone’s story. Seek it out.

Messick, JeffJeff Messick is a dad, husband, and author living in south Texas. He writes across almost any genre, excluding romance. He really enjoys taking a splash of paranormal into a generic situation or genre to add a little spice, as you will be able to see easily with his first published novel: Knights of the Shield. He also enjoys writing Fantasy.

Nitch, S.

Sage, Margit — Margit Sage is a writer, freelance editor, knitwear designer, and former aerospace engineer. In her free time, she enjoys quilting, spinning yarn, photography, and walking her dog in the park. She maintains a blog with flash fiction, poetry, and book reviews at

Sobhi, Nada Adel – Born in Cairo, Egypt, Nada earned her BA in English Language and Literature, Cairo University in 2009. Nada has been the Editor of her department’s poetry magazine "The Muse" since 2007. In 2012, Nada began blogging at Nadaness In Motion about her writing, which includes poetry, flash fiction, short stories and book reviews.

Strom, Dave M. – Dave M. Strom is a technical writer and comic book geek who has been writing about superheroine Holly Hansson since The DaVinci Code. He loves the Marvel Comics movies (so far), but the DC Comics movies could use less grit and more laughs. He has been in Scripting Change twice.

Beyond the Words Contributors:

Cover Designer: Lynsay Flynt — Lynsay Flynt is currently a student at the University of Georgia, studying Advertising and Graphic Design. She enjoys painting and working out, but especially spending time with friends and family. She is the captain of the UGA Club Softball Team and hopes to one day advertise for a company related to sports or fitness.

Lynsay offers custom cover designs with matching promotional artwork for authors. Contact her for a consultation!

Authors: Faith BreisblattKristyn F. BrunsonKathy DeFlaneAria GlazkiAaron Jackson, Alison LeBlanc, Celena McDonnell, Austin D. NicholsMargit SageNada Adel Sobhi, Seker Solis, Dave M. Strom

Seeing Past Sickness Contributors:

Cover Designer: Brittany Mott – A native of the California Bay Area, Brittany recently graduated from the Art Institute of California, San Francisco.

Authors: Sarah Calvello, Jennifer Lynn Corter, Kathy DeFlane, Simon Quellen Field, Amanda Gain, Aria Glazki, Aaron M.P. Jackson, C. B. Jennings, Alison LeBlanc, Carrie Renee McAlister, Donna L. Sadd, Margit Sage, Seker Solis, and Dave Strom


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