How It Works

Writers from all over and of all backgrounds are welcome to submit relevant pieces according to Scripting Change guidelines. Selected works will be published with full credit and, if desired, a link to the writer's personal website.
  • The only publication rights required would be a one-time publishing right for the project to which a work was submitted.  All copyright would be retained by the author, not by Scripting Change
  • Each contributing writer will receive a digital version of the final book if desired.
  • We will proofread each selected work, and formatting will be done for the book as a whole.
    • If you would like your work not to be proofread, please mention that with your submission.
      • We will check for basic spelling and grammar (in short fiction) errors only.  Please do not rely on us to correct your work!
      • If you would like to hire someone to edit and/or proofread your work, before submitting or in general, please click here.
    • If there is critical formatting to your work (not including underlining, italics, or bold), please keep in mind the limits of digital publication. 
      • Many e-readers allow users to change fonts and colors, etc., according to their preferences.
      • If complicated formatting is crucial to your piece, please consider submitting something else!
  • Contributions from writers of all levels are welcome, but each submission will be vetted for appropriate content and quality.

Please Note: ALL work on this project would be strictly on a volunteer basis:
  •  NO payment will be offered for published pieces.  If desired:
    • Contributing authors will receive a free, digital copy of the book.
    • Contributors will be listed here, along with a link to their personal websites.
    • Authors will receive full credit for their work.
      • Submissions may not be anonymous, but you can opt for your work, if selected, to be published anonymously.
    •  Selected pieces will be published with a link to the author's website.
  • NO payment will be offered for other services, such as cover design, marketing, etc.  There are many free resources out there, and we hope people with the necessary skills will support this project by volunteering their services as all of us are. 
    • Contributing professionals will also be listed both on this website and in the book, with links to their personal websites, if desired. 
  • ALL proceeds will be donated to the selected nonprofit. 
    • The idea behind this project is that there will be no cost to producing it.  Therefore, other than the percentage charged by the distributors (such as Smashwords, Amazon, etc.), all funds from book sales will be donated directly to the selected nonprofit organization. 

There are no additional requirements for contributing to this project, though we would appreciate contributors and supporters alike spreading the word to help make it a success!

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