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2016: Breaking Free

Scripting Change's latest anthology, Breaking Free focuses on the pervasive issue of domestic violence, with the theme: Survive, Recover, Rebuild.

100% of proceeds* from this anthology will be donated to REACH, a nonprofit based in Massachusetts that provides both safety and supportive resources to those affected by domestic violence, while also educating communities on healthy relationships and this too pervasive problem.

*As a reminder, Proceeds = (Cost of e-book) – (% taken by distributor)

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2014: Beyond the Words

Cover design by Lynsay Flynt
Our second anthology, Beyond the Words, focused on the theme: Opening Worlds with Words.

100% of proceeds from this anthology will be donated to nonprofits fostering literacy in their communities, but because this is such a critical cause, we have decided to support not one, but three organizations this year! These are: Read for Literacy, in northwestern Ohio; Literacy Action, in Atlanta, Georgia; and Page Ahead, in Seattle, Washington.

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2013: Seeing Past Sickness

Seeing Past Sickness Cover
Cover design by Brittany Mott
Our inaugural project was Seeing Past Sickness, which continues to be available.  The theme for this anthology is: Determination & Hope Through Pain.

100% of proceeds will be donated to the MSTR Scholarship Foundation, which aims to help those students affected by chronic illness, who nevertheless have the passion, drive, and determination to seek or continue their educations, by providing financial scholarships in recognition and support of their perseverance.

Seeing Past Sickness is available for purchase through:

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Our Recipients

2016: REACH
    As Celena McDonnell wrote in the foreword for Breaking Free:

    "Domestic violence is silent. This year, Scripting Change is giving it a strong, loud, honest voice."

    Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men, but only 34% of those affected will seek medical care for injuries, and even fewer get law enforcement involved. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a typical day sees more than 20,000 phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide. And yet this epidemic continues—out of public sight and mind.

    REACH, a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts, both provides safety and resources to those affected (of all ages and backgrounds) and educates communities to promote awareness and healthy relationships.

2014: It is impossible to overstate the importance of literacy, yet so many struggle with this crucial skill. So, we have decided to donate proceeds from this year's book to not one, but three nonprofits throughout the United States, all of which foster literacy in their communities.
    Read for Literacy, in northwestern Ohio, provides learning opportunities for readers of all ages and backgrounds, with three tailored programs: Creating Young Readers, for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade; Adult Basic Education; and English Language Learners, for non-native English speakers.
    Literacy Action, in Atlanta, Georgia, offers an incredibly wide array of literacy programs for adults — from literal reading assistance, to workplace literacy, family literacy & education, and much more, this organization provides its community with crucial support, enhancing so many lives!
    Page Ahead, in Seattle, Washington, focuses its literacy efforts on children, allowing elementary-school children to browse book fairs at the end of the school year & choose their own books for the summer — which are then provided to them by Page Ahead! They bolster this program by also working with parents, helping them engage their young readers.

2013: the MSTR Scholarship Foundation
Chronic illness doesn't disappear at age 18, but aid and understanding for those affected often do, despite the exorbitant and crippling costs of perpetual healthcare. In addition to the emotional and physical toll of chronic illness, those affected face significant challenges in seeking the personal and intellectual development afforded by continuing education.

The MSTR Scholarship Foundation provides financial support for students pursuing an education, despite the difficulties and costs associated with chronic illness.  Their foundation will be the recipient of all funds raised by our inaugural project, Seeing Past Sickness.

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