Welcome to the Scripting Change Project!

Scripting Change is on temporary hiatus as we evaluate the most 
impactful way for our project to move forward. Even during
this time, 100% of proceeds will of course be donated.

Scripting Change is an opportunity for writers to support causes in which we believe, with our voices and words, by contributing to an electronic book, the proceeds from which will be donated to a nonprofit organization.  A recipient organization will be selected to complement the theme of the pieces to be included.

The Basics:
  • Selected works from contributing writers will be compiled into an electronic book to be sold through an online distributor.
  • The goal of the project is to have a $0 cost.
    • 100% of work required to create and promote this electronic book would be volunteered.
  • The book's proceeds will be directed to a selected nonprofit organization.
    • ALL proceeds from book sales will be donated to make a difference in people's lives.
      • Proceeds = (Cost of book) – (% taken by the distributor)
    • The selected nonprofit's mission will relate to the year's theme.

    Cover design by Brittany MottCover design by Lynsay Flynt

    Proceeds benefit:
    the MSTR Scholarship Foundation
    in San Francisco, CA.

    Proceeds benefit:
    Read for Literacy in northwestern Ohio;
    Literacy Action in Atlanta, Georgia;
    and Page Ahead in Seattle, Washington.